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With our selection of more than 11,000 carpets, we guarantee that no two carpets are alike. Small, large, brightly-coloured, reworked or in their natural state: vintage carpets for everyone! The only difficulty you’ll have when browsing through our online store is deciding which carpet to buy. To make your visit to our online shop more enjoyable, we’ve included inspirational photos, detailed descriptions, and a treasure trove of insider knowledge – everything you ever wanted to know about the exciting world of vintage carpets.

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Our collection

Rocking Carpets has carefully organised its online store into categories, guaranteeing that your exciting journey into the world of vintage carpets is a smooth one. Discover our selection of vintage carpets and kilim carpets:


Unique carpets, reworked by hand. Various techniques are used to transform your carpet – from applying dyes, to trimming the pile, to piecing and sewing carpets together. Our vintage carpets include traditional oriental carpets, exquisite Persian carpets, patchwork carpets and so-called carved carpets. The latter have earned this name because the carpet’s typical design is highlighted by “carving” the design out of the pile. Rocking Carpets’ Persian carpets are hand-knotted, high-quality one-of-a-kind pieces that transport you to a pleasant dreamland. Quality and design perfected. Our patchwork carpets are works of art, a fusion of different pieces of carpets sewn together, creating a stunning and charming new carpet that blends bright colours, contrasting effects, and bold patterns. Each vintage oriental carpet is like an adventure-filled tale from The Arabian Nights: a stylish accessory beautifying your home and adding a hint of mystery. These lovingly reworked carpets breathe fresh beauty into old-world charms.


Our original kilim carpets, also referred to simply as kilim, are extremely practical and versatile. Making it perfect on your floor, as a runner, a decorative wall hanging, a table covering or a throw. Consider using a kilim carpet in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room or bedroom. Or even in your office or studio. The sky is the limit, whether you opt for a traditional kilim or a kilim patchwork carpet. Bold pattern combinations and an enticing interplay of colours – discover new ways to accessorise your stylish home.


Rocking Carpets lets rock the carpets


Three good reasons to buy your carpet online


  • Save time and money and make it even easier to make a decision you’re happy with!

Thanks to our easy-to-use filter navigation, you can sort and compare carpets by price, colour, style, size, and shape. Create your own comparison chart or save your favourites to a wish list.

  • So many to choose from!

Where else can you marvel at such a huge variety and abundance of carpets – more than 11,000 one-of-a-kind carpets just waiting to be discovered. Traditional furniture stores and carpet dealers tend to focus only on the top sellers. By contrast, Rocking Carpets, specialises in different types of selected carpets and sells only original, unique carpets.

  • Efficient logistics at an attractive price!

Your carpet will be sent from our Swiss location. Unlike out-of-country distributors, no unexpected bills for customs duties or VAT will arrive in the mail to spoil your enjoyment of your beautiful carpet. And if you need assistance, we speak your language. Shipping is free of charge and uncomplicated.

Here are a few more great reasons to buy your carpet online!





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