Carpet trends: Ultra violet!

Carpet trends: Ultra violet!

Vintage carpets in ultra violet

In this blog, join us as we discover more about the power of colours and delve into one of the most exciting carpet trends of the year: eye-catching vintage carpets in the deepest ultra violet. Our trend scouts have combed through our entire selection and put together the most magnificent vintage carpets in ultra violet.


Ultra Violet: Back to the future

Ultra Violet - PANTONE 18-3838, to be precise - expresses innovative, future-oriented and visionary thinking. Ultra violet represents originality. Flowing, shimmering variations of ultra violet are often used in the design world to represent the galaxy, hinting at the mysteries of the cosmos. The never-ending night sky and distant galaxies symbolise our fascination with the future. Connected with the hope of discovering new worlds and making discoveries beyond our current knowledge, far beyond the conceivable and the possible. Because of its exciting attribute, Ultra Violet is also used in technological contexts, for example in Smartphone ads or together with digitalisation.


Ultra Violet as a provocation

In the world of art and music, dark purple shades have long been used as provocative style elements, representative of unconventionality, individuality and a readiness to experiment. Ultra violet is a statement: the colour is an inspirational force that drives our desire to shape the world and overcome boundaries through creativity. But it is not a wild, chaotic provocation, because the deep ultra violet also conveys a sense of calm, serenity and security. Last but not least, thanks to its calming energy, ultra violet was also often used to represent meditative and spiritual practices.


Ultra violet for your home – with trendy vintage carpets

Try making use of the power of colour: bring ultra violet into your home, for example, with a spectacular, vintage carpet in ultra violet! You will be amazed by what it elicits – whether in you, your loved ones or your visitors. A vintage, ultra violet carpet conjures up a hint of the astronomical and the cosmic in your space and inspires innovative, visionary thinking. You’ll be able to face each day and the future charged with energy.


Check out the selection of ultra violet carpets chosen for you by our trend scouts:

If you’re going to do it, go all out: Ultra violet as the main colour

Vintage Carpet ultra violet

VVintage Carpets ultra violet

Vintage Teppich Ultra Violett Patchwork

Vintage Teppich Ultra Violett Patchwork Titel

In combination:

Vintage Teppich Ultra Violett Patchwork Kombi
Vintage Teppich Ultra Violett Patchwork Kombiniert

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