Vintage Patchwork Carpets: Breaking the rules!

Vintage Patchwork Carpets: Breaking the rules!

Why the vintage patchwork carpet is the rebel among carpets

In this blog, you’ll find out what makes vintage patchwork carpets so refreshingly different. We will transport you to a world where tradition meets contemporary design and original carpets are transformed into a totally new design, a world where creativity knows no bounds and patterns, colours and fabrics are combined into bold, new creations. You’ll learn all you need to know about vintage patchwork carpets – how they’re made and why they’re an affordable alternative. A source of inspiration for your home, office or studio!

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Vintage patchwork carpets: Refreshingly different!

A vintage patchwork carpet reflects today’s highly popular retro trend, one that has been taking the world by storm for some time now. That’s why this type of carpet is far from being old-fashioned or boring!

On the contrary: Patchwork carpets are the endearingly chaotic rebels among vintage carpets. The creativity of vintage patchwork carpets knows no bounds: diagonal patterns with delicate designs combined with subtle, vintage colours and bold accents. Carpets that can be playful and gaudy, classic and elegant, harmonious and subdued, or eye-catching and crazy.

Every vintage patchwork carpet is a statement unto itself: These carpets defy conventions, rules, and taboos. They’re like going on an adventure in which you constantly anticipate making unexpected and surprising discoveries.

Vintage Patchwork Carpet runner


The recipe for upcycling

How are these impressive works of art born? We are about to share the secret behind patchwork carpets and disclose the details of a recipe passed on through generations, one that is steeped in tradition.


You need: Original Kilim or oriental carpets in different sizes and colours. To create your patchwork carpet, you need whole carpets and individual, intact carpet remnants. The carpets used are mostly between 40 and 70 years old.

The big advantage of patchwork carpets: As compared to traditional carpets, it doesn’t really matter if the source material is in perfect condition or not. Those small signs of wear and tear are what gives a finished patchwork carpet its charm!


The patchwork process is by no means a new one: drawings have been discovered that depict the use of this method in ancient Egypt, more than 3,000 years ago.

First, the carpets are refined using a lengthy process, then they are re-dyed and carefully hand-cut into differently sized rectangles –so-called patches. These patches are then sewn together to create a totally new carpet. Last but not least, a fabric backing is sewn to the reverse side of the patchwork carpet, providing stability and making the back look finished.

What is significant about this production process is first and foremost the technical skill required: the selected pieces must be expertly prepared and then sewn back together just as carefully by hand, so that, when the carpet is finished, the overall design and size match exactly.

The creation of a vintage patchwork carpet also requires artistic talent and a flair for experimentation: The designer’s trained eye needs to be able to envisage the completed patchwork carpet and the effect it will have, simply by looking at the materials selected for the finished product. The designer has to know how to combine which parts to create a totally new work of art. In this respect, a vintage patchwork carpet is much like a concept carpet. However, the end result is often very different from the intended result, which is why it is so important that the designer have the ability to spontaneously improvise and experiment. Sometimes, a patchwork carpet is the result of careful planning, but other times, it is the result of randomly selecting different patches. The end result is always a totally new creation – every patchwork carpet is unique, a recycled master work resplendent with charm and history, and it’s the only one of its kind!


Meet the rebels: Kilim patchwork carpets

Rocking Carpets defines its “rebels” as the wildest kilim patchwork carpets. Carpets with a distinct, charismatic character:

Kelim Patchwork Carpet

Kelim Patchwork Freak

Kelim Patchwork Carpet Floral

Where on earth would you put a rebel? One thing is clear: it deserves a special spot and should not be relegated to the role of doormat. It might be best in a waiting room, to give those waiting something interesting to look at. Or maybe to decorate the walls of a snowed-in, cosy mountain chalet….

Here too, your imagination knows no bounds – what special spot do you think is deserving of your rebel carpet?


Vintage patchwork carpets – an affordable and stylish alternative

Another significant advantage of vintage patchwork carpets: depending on the size and number of patches, patchwork carpets are an affordable alternative compared to other vintage or Persian carpets. Three cheers for upcycling – transforming something old into something new. Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

For those who are bold and daring, there are two different categories of patchwork carpets:


Vintage patchwork carpets: the colours, patterns and materials used for the carpets are mostly consistent and uniform

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Kilim patchwork carpets: Intentional use of different patterns, highly contrasting colours, sometimes even different materials. Some use a deep pile. These carpets also incorporate different processing techniques, for example in the finishing techniques used on the carpet borders.

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