FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order from RockingCarpets.ch through payment on account?

Yes, you can order through payment on account. However, we reserve the right to request a deposit and if applicable, we may also restrict this type of ordering in individual situations.

What type of payment does RockingCarpets.ch accept?

We accept many different credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Amex Express, etc.), as well as payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, bank transfers and payment on account.

Can I pay using a bank transfer?

Yes, of course you can pay via bank transfer. Please use the following banking information:

IBAN: CH7281203000051717015

BIC/SWIFT: RAIFCH22C03 (Raiffeisenbank Luzern)

Account number: 51717015

Jolie Concepts GmbH
Seeparkstrasse 1
6207 Nottwil

If I order several carpets, can I get a volume discount?

Regardless of the number of carpets you buy, we offer our customers great prices. If you order larger quantities, we’d be more than happy to pass our handling and shipping savings on to you and give you a volume discount. Please e-mail us for more information.

Is my credit card information safe with you?

We process credit card payments using PayPal and Stripe, two well-established companies that guarantee data security. Modern SSL encryption ensures that none of the data that you provide to us will be transmitted through our website.


Can I order custom-made carpets?

Our carpets are not mass-produced, they are all one-of-a-kind items. Only certain types of carpets can be mass-produced. Patchwork carpets in particular are the perfect example of a carpet that is made to suit your needs, whether in terms of size, colour or design. If you have a special request, please contact us at info@rockingcarpets.ch

Do I need a sub-carpet or an anti-slip underlay for my carpet?

Whether you need an anti-slip underlay under your carpet depends entirely on the floor you are placing your carpet on. Basically, we recommend an anti-slip underlay, not just to keep your carpet from sliding, but also because of its sound absorption properties. In addition, this underlay makes your carpet softer underfoot and prolongs the life of your carpet, as the pile is less compressed when, for example, someone with high heels walks across it, especially if the carpet is thin. We recommend Ruggies rug grippers as an economical alternative, as they simply have to be applied to the edges of your carpet.

Why are handcrafted carpets sometimes uneven?

The small irregularities are not necessarily intentional, but they serve as a reminder that these carpets are actually hand-crafted and not factory-made. This makes your carpet more authentic and is what lends it its charm. These slight irregularities are not defects, and are characteristic of nomad carpets, which are not produced in a carpet factory, but rather, are produced en route.

Are all product images true to the original?

Yes, all our product photos are high-resolution photos of the carpet available for sale on our website. The photos are taken under professional conditions in a specially lit room, using high quality digital cameras. However, depending on the quality, type, and age of your monitor, there might be slight deviations between the image you see and the actual carpet, particularly with respect to the colour.

My carpet is rippling, is this normal?

When we ship our carpets, we fold them, which does not pose a problem for cut pile carpets. However, by being folded, it is possible that your carpet will have a slight ripple for the first few days. As a rule, your carpet will flatten out within a week.


Do I have to pay additional taxes or customs duties?

No, RockingCarpets.ch is a brand of Jolie Concepts GmbH, with headquarters in Switzerland. Your order is shipped from within Switzerland, and only to addresses within the Swiss customs territory.

Do you also ship to addresses outside of Switzerland?

RockingCarpets.ch only sends goods to addresses in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein (Swiss customs territory).

I live in the Principality of Liechtenstein; can I place an order with RockingCapets.ch?

Yes, of course. You will not have to pay additional taxes or customs duties.

Can I see the RockingCarpets.ch carpets in a retail outlet?

Our focus is our online shop and we have made a conscious decision to not have a retail outlet. This is precisely why we are able to sell our carpets at extremely competitive prices.

How long until my carpet is delivered to me?

The delivery time depends on whether your carpet is already in our local Swiss warehouse or still in the production facility. Our carpets generally leave our warehouse within seven to ten days.


Is my data safe with you?

Yes. We adhere to very stringent security standards and our website uses the most up-to-date SSL encryption technology to ensure that any data you provide to us is secure. Our servers are all in Switzerland and are state-of-the-art.


Can I return my carpet?

We support you as best we can in your decision-making process, in order to avoid returns if possible. Our high-resolution photos and precise product descriptions should provide you with a good picture of the carpet, thereby ensuring that you are not unexpectedly surprised when you receive your carpet. Nevertheless, you reserve the right to return your carpet within 14 days following receipt. Please note that customised carpets and special orders cannot be returned.